What problem are you uniquely qualified to solve?

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If you want to be successful in business, blogging, podcasting, or any element of platform development, it's vital to have a clear understanding of the problem you're uniquely qualified to solve.

When I go online to search for something, I'm not usually searching for something random. Most often, I'm searching for information that will lead me to the quickest solution to whatever problem I'm dealing with in the moment. And I think that's a common pattern for most people. We typically go online for answers and solutions that help us solve our daily problems.

If you're looking to create an online business or a message-based platform, I think you'll have greater success if you can identify some problems you're uniquely qualified to solve. But what do I mean by "uniquely qualified?"


What life experiences do you have that others haven't had?

When attempting to figure out how you're uniquely qualified, I think it's helpful to think about the life experiences you've had that others haven't had. Did something happen during your childhood that you had to learn to deal with? Have you been through a unique crisis during your adulthood that others could learn from? Are you dealing with special circumstances with your children that people often ask you questions about?


What have you become good at doing that would take others time to learn?

As I type this, I'm waiting for the HVAC repairman to come to my house. The other day, I noted that our air conditioning wasn't working properly. I know a little about HVAC maintenance and repair, but I usually only have to deal with an issue once or twice a year. That's why I prefer to call in a professional when our system needs a repair. The technician we work with is installing and repairing HVAC units every single day. He knows what to look for. He knows how to install entire systems. He fixes problems in a half hour that would take me half a day (or more) to diagnose. He also already owns all the right tools to do the job.

When I look at the value he's able to offer a homeowner like me, I'm immensely grateful he offers his service to us. I'm happy to pay him for his knowledge and skill because that frees me up to focus on what I'm uniquely skilled to do instead of wasting my time and causing me needless frustration.

I suspect you're probably good at something that others haven't had the time to learn about. This could be a key concept to revisit if you're attempting to create an online business.


What problems do you get excited about solving?

A few weeks ago, I hosted an "Office Hour" for the members of our online community. I usually do this once a month to help with questions related to all aspects of platform development. During the call, I received questions about; podcast development, finding your RSS feed, marketing, writing blog content, and a few other subjects. The hour literally flew by, and I left that call feeling energized. Why?

I think the time went by quickly and I felt so good because I was helping others figure out things that I have taken the time to learn over the course of many years. I get excited about helping people solve problems like this because it helps them experience quicker success with what they're attempting to build.

In general, I think most of us tend to feel pretty good when we're able to help improve another person's quality of life. Even Jesus said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35). There's something about the way we've been designed that brings us a sense of delight and purpose when we have the opportunity to use our knowledge and skills to help someone else.

*What questions do you get excited about answering?

*What problems do you enjoy attempting to solve?

If you can figure this out, you'll very likely find yourself on your way to developing a successful online platform or business.


A few examples...

Let me give you a few examples of people who have built a business around their unique ability to solve a problem for others.

Kent Sanders: Kent is an author, a ghostwriter, and the host of the Daily Writer Podcast. His entire platform and business is centered around helping people write. Some of his clients hire him to help write their books. The people in his membership pay him for his writing help and inspirational guidance. His podcast listeners come to him for daily insight and wisdom related to writing. Kent has found a very specific problem he enjoys helping others solve.

Nick Loper: Nick is an author and the host of the Side Hustle Show Podcast. He has been involved in a variety of self-employed entrepreneurial efforts over the course of his adult life, and he eventually realized that he had a passion for teaching others how they could develop secondary sources of income that might eventually become their primary source of income. His show and the counsel he offers have become very popular in the world of entrepreneurship.

Art Rainer: Art is an author and the host of the More Than Money Podcast. He has a passion for wisely stewarding his personal finances, and over the years, he's come to see just how important this issue to most individuals and married couples. To help others learn how they can also steward their personal finances in a wise manner, Art began creating content that teaches these principles. He also teaches these concepts through in-person training opportunities.


What's next for you?

If you have the desire to build an online business or a message-based online platform, I'd encourage you to give serious thought to the problems you're uniquely qualified to solve. Once you identify those problems, you'll be on your way to developing systems and content than can aid others as they're trying to solve them as well.


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