What could you easily talk about or explain, for 30 minutes, without any prep whatsoever?

getting started passions Sep 15, 2021

I'm genuinely curious about other people. I like to try to figure out what they do and why they do it. I also like to know what influences others to think the way they think.

Sometimes, I get a little curious about the things others feel passionate about and how their life experiences continue to fuel their passions.

Earlier today, I asked this question on Facebook, "What could you easily talk about or explain, for 30 minutes, without any prep whatsoever?" That question opened up a flood of very interesting responses. Even now as I'm typing, the responses are still coming in.

Here's a small sample of what I was told...


  • "Being a nurse and how it has impacted my life." -Sarah
  • "How to live with a roommate and what the common issues are." -Kim
  • "Mapping out a complete marketing strategy." -David
  • "World War 2" -EJ
  • "Creating a vibrant youth ministry with a healthy outreach dynamic." -Darren
  • "Family adventure, travel, and creating experiences you'll remember." -Heidi


I asked that question partly out of curiosity and partly to prove a point. The truth is, we all have something we're passionate about that we could talk about at length for 30 minutes or more. And if you're considering venturing into the world of online entrepreneurship, have you ever considered building a platform based off of that passion?

When I look at the answers I quoted above, I'm guessing people regularly ask Sarah questions about the nursing profession, because that's her passion and area of expertise. I'm guessing people regularly ask David about marketing strategies for their businesses because he knows more about it than most people.

There are things you know about, and things you're good at that the rest of us haven't had time to learn. We want the shortcut to the knowledge that you've spent a lifetime obtaining. Your blog posts, podcasts, videos, books, or webinars can be that shortcut we're looking for (and quite possibly willing to pay for).

Just thought I'd pass that along in case you're thinking about building an online presence but you aren't sure what to talk about. Hope it's helpful!



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