This is how my platform building journey began

getting started Sep 01, 2021

I'm a content creator who loves to teach others and build community. Years ago when I became a pastor, I was given the opportunity to use these personal traits in the local church context, and over time, I have expanded the reach of my message by building an online platform.

When I first started building my primary platform, I didn't really have a grand vision in mind. I started by writing several books and self-publishing them. When sales of those books increased, I started creating more content.

In time, I decided to start a podcast. When that caught on, I realized that I needed an online "house" where people could find my books and my podcasts in one place. Years earlier, I bought the domain "," but I never did anything with it. In 2017, I decided to house my books and podcasts on a dedicated website and add a blog to the mix as well, then link it all to that domain.

Here's what has happened since..... (All of this was a big surprise to me)

  • My books have sold more than 150,000 copies.
  • My podcasts have been downloaded over 6 million times.
  • 57 pages from my blog have appeared in the #1 search position for their terms on Google.
  • The largest publisher in America offered me a generous book deal. You can now find my latest book, "Dwell On These Things," in every major bookstore in the United States.
  • I have developed multiple streams of recurring online income.

And here's the part that cracks me up. I don't have an extensive business operation. For the most part, it's just me working from my basement office in my free time, creating content. My greatest passion is to help people develop a relationship with Jesus and understand the content of the Bible. I have the privilege to do that as a local church pastor, and I'm making the most of every online opportunity because that allows me to reach more people than ever.

In recent years, as people have been watching my online platform develop, I have been receiving questions from others who feel called to do something similar. Some feel led to create faith-based content like I do. Others have a different message they'd like to share. At this season of my life, I'm convinced that I'm supposed to help as many people as possible build multi-faceted online platforms that will allow them to teach what they're passionate about to as many people as will listen. I'd also like to connect as many content creators to one another as I can.

If you have a message you're passionate about sharing and you would...

  1. Like me to teach you what I know about writing, podcasting, blogging, social media, monetization, etc...
  2. Like to hear from guest experts that can also pass along their wisdom...
  3. Like to be part of a community of people at all levels of platform development (beginners to experts), that is aiming to offer mutual help and support...

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