Creating an irresistible offer your customers would be silly to ignore

marketing monetization sales Mar 22, 2023

I'm not someone who does a lot of shopping for things, but I'm more than happy to pay for experiences and opportunities to expand my knowledge. I regularly buy books, take classes, join groups, and take my family on trips to places we enjoy visiting. In fact, we just returned from a several-day visit to Florida which is one of my favorite places to go.

We live in Pennsylvania, but years ago, we started making regular vacation visits to Florida. The first year we went, we didn't know what we were doing, so I rented a very modest hotel room for us and our four children (who were all under the age of 6 at the time). The following year, I decided to do something different and see if I could find better accommodations for us to use while sticking to our budget.

While searching, I found a 4-bedroom townhouse for rent in a gated community that had its own waterpark including a lazy river. That looked like an excellent option, so I inquired and found out that it was the first time it had been offered and the owners were making it available at a bargain rate in order to build up a client base. For a full week, we could rent the place for $550 and they would throw in another week that I could use whenever I wanted within the next twelve months. Out of curiosity, I asked if I could use that second week immediately after the first one. They said yes, so for $550, we rented a beautiful townhouse in an amenity-filled community for half a month. That was an offer that was so good, I couldn't imagine turning it down.

As you're building your online platform, have you ever considered making an offer like that available? I'm talking about an offer that was so good people would be silly to ignore it.

Several months ago, I was talking to some entrepreneurs that I'm friends with. They have an online presence, but they aren't earning as much from it as they'd really like. I wondered why, so I asked a couple of questions, "Do you have anything for sale on your site? Is there a button that a visitor could press to make a purchase?"

They answered "No," and admitted that they weren't exactly sure what to offer. That uncertainty seemed to be keeping them from turning their idea into an income and their platform into a paycheck.

As I illustrated in the story of the Florida vacation I took with my family years ago, some offers are too good to refuse, and if we're going to be successful with our online businesses over the long-term, we need to provide offers that fall into the "irresistible" category. But what are the characteristics of an irresistible offer?

Let me suggest four characteristics that apply to most irresistible offers, then I'll elaborate on them a little.

  • 1. It solves an obvious problem.
  • 2. It connects with an emotional desire or aspiration.
  • 3. It costs less than the value it provides.
  • 4. It saves time.


1. It solves an obvious problem.

Think about the people you're trying to serve and the problems they want your help with. What do they typically ask you to do? Why do they come to you for help? What problem is frustrating them that you enjoy attempting to solve? If you can figure out what that problem happens to be, you can create a product or a service that helps solve it. If you don't identify that problem, you're going to find yourself spinning your wheels in frustration.


2. It connects with an emotional desire or aspiration.

It has been said that most of the elective or optional purchases we make over the course of our lifetime are purchases we're making for emotional reasons. I think there's a lot of truth in that observation. When I think about the purchases I make for things other than food, shelter, and utilities, I think there's a level of emotion involved in the decision.

What emotions should you be highlighting in your offer? Have you identified a specific emotional benefit someone might receive from purchasing the product or solution you've created? Will it save them time? Reduce their pain? Bring happiness to their spouse or children? Ease their financial burden? Take a moment to figure that out because that's why most people make purchasing decisions for items that aren't absolute necessities.


3. It costs less than the value it provides.

Each month, we host guest experts on our Tuesday Night Training Calls. One of the guest experts we hosted is by far one of the most successful entrepreneurs I've ever met. She's well-known, earns a high income, and understands what it's like to deliver value to a client base.

She loved the time she spent with our Members' Club and went on to talk about it at length for over a week. I heard from her several times that week because she enjoyed the experience so much. Then she took a thorough look at the Platform Launchers website and said to me, "I can't believe how much value you're willing to offer for such a low price. People would be silly to pass that up!"

That's exactly the response I hoped someone of her caliber would give me. I was highly encouraged by what she said because that's honestly the goal of every offer I put together. I want it to cost far less than the value it provides. I want it to be so valuable that people wonder if I'm bad with numbers for pricing it so reasonably.

If you're trying to create an irresistible offer, plan to over-deliver on value and undercharge on price. You might also want to stand behind what you offer with a money-back guarantee. I never worry about offering that when I'm confident that what I'm sharing has genuine value that's far beyond the sticker price.


4. It saves time.

People buy many informational products because those products save them time and help them achieve what they're aspiring to do in far less time than if they didn't have access to the training and service they can get from you.

How could your knowledge and experience save someone time? What could you digitally deliver that could shave months or years off the learning curve for your potential clients?

One of the main reasons I pay for coaching, groups, and courses is to save me time. I have learned the slow way that it's often worth the investment to speed up the learning process. If you create offers that save your clients time, they will be highly appreciative.


Take a look at your website. Do you see any irresistible offers in place? Offers that solve obvious problems, connect with emotional desires and aspirations, cost less than the value provided, and work quickly?

If your goal is to turn your passion into a platform that supplies you with a paycheck, it might be time to put your first irresistible offer together.

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