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mindset mission passions Jun 13, 2023

I had a realization about a year or so ago that has impacted the way I perceive the work I’m doing.  For a while, I think I tended to view the various forms of content I was creating as part of a hobby.  When people asked me about my hobbies, I would usually tell them I enjoyed writing and recording various forms of content.  But a year or two ago I started realizing that it was no longer accurate to call what I was doing a hobby.  It’s far more consequential than that.  I now view the work I’m doing and the content I’m creating as part of my mission in life.

I’m convinced there are many people who go through life without a strong sense of what their mission might really be.  Recently, I was speaking with an acquaintance who retired from a job he held for most of his adult life.  I asked him how it was going and he said, “Eh, I don’t always know what to do with myself now, so I’m trying to keep busy.”  Then he said, “I just retired from my career, but if I’m honest, I never really had a strong sense that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.  I just kept doing what I did because it paid well, but now I feel like a grown man who still doesn’t know what he wants to do when he grows up.”

That was a fascinating conversation to me.  I’m guessing there are many people who may feel the exact same way.  I’m also guessing that most of us can think of a time in our lives when we felt exactly the same way as my friend.  Maybe we felt a bit aimless or purposeless.  Maybe we weren’t sure if we were doing what we were supposed to be doing.

If you’re going to build a successful, message-based online platform, I’d like you to start thinking about what you’re passionate about.  What do you feel uniquely qualified to teach or speak about?  What kind of help are people coming to you for?  What topics excite you?

At present, I have two primary online platforms and they both address topics I feel passionate about.  I feel passionate about sharing my faith so I create lots of faith-based content, and I’m grateful that it’s being used by people all throughout the world.  And I feel passionate about helping others develop their own online platforms, regardless of the subject they’re personally passionate about.  Assisting people in these areas directly connects to my sense of mission in life.

I’m curious to know… have you found your mission in life?  Admittedly, finding your mission in life is a deeply personal and introspective process. It requires self-reflection, exploration, and a willingness to delve into your passions and values.  And if you’re still trying to figure out your mission, let me make a few quick suggestions that might help. 

Do this...

Take time to reflect on your interests, strengths, and values. Consider what activities bring you joy and fulfillment, and think about the impact you want to make in the world.

Engage in activities and hobbies that genuinely interest you. Experiment with new experiences, whether it's learning a new skill, volunteering, or pursuing a personal project. Pay attention to the activities that energize you and align with your values.

Once you have identified some potential areas of interest, set specific goals and take action toward them. Break down your larger goals into smaller, actionable steps. By taking consistent action, you can gain clarity and refine your understanding of what truly resonates with you.

Understand that you may experience occasional setbacks.  The path to discovering your mission may not always be smooth. Embrace challenges and setbacks as learning opportunities. They can provide valuable insights and help you refine your direction.

Look for role models and people who inspire you. Learn from their journeys and the impact they have made. Seek guidance from mentors, friends, or professionals who can offer insights and support in your mission-seeking process.

Give some serious thought to the way you really want to make a positive difference in this world. How can you use the things God has made you good at to improve the lives of others?

Finding your mission in life can take time and in some ways, it may change over time as you gain new experiences and insights. Stay open to new possibilities and allow yourself the freedom to explore different areas until you discover what tends to bear the most fruit and help the most people.  

Once you figure that out, commit yourself to it wholeheartedly.  Stop devaluing it by calling it a hobby and start treating it like your mission.  Then watch what happens next because the impact you make may be drastically magnified, far beyond what you ever thought or expected.

-John Stange

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