Competence leads to confidence

confidence Jan 17, 2022

Since starting Platform Launchers, I have been blessed to have some of the most amazing conversations with truly inspiring people.

Earlier today, I spoke for nearly an hour with Jennifer Zahourek, and I immediately invited her to speak to our Members Club as a Guest Expert. Why did I do that?

Jennifer has been a nurse for quite a few years.  Several years ago, she had an idea to create a 365-day planner for nurses that also included a lot of helpful educational information in it.  She designed it, filled her garage with 1000 copies, then decided she needed to let people know it existed.

Jenn decided to try her hand at marketing the planner through social media.  She gave it a shot, and on her first day made two sales.  Then the sales continued to come day after day.

Fast forward two years and she's made over $2.5 MILLION in sales of this planner, and things keep progressing upward.

Over the course of the past two years, Jenn has become an expert in social media marketing.


Some of my takeaways from speaking with Jennifer...

1. Take a risk on yourself and don't be afraid to fail. So many people never get around to doing the type of things they're dreaming about because they're afraid to fail, but Jennifer doesn't let that fear hold her back. She realized that when she ordered the first 1,000 copies of her planner, that those books might be taking up room in her garage perpetually, but she took the risk anyway. It has paid off big time.


2. Find mentors who inspire you. Jennifer makes a point to listen to and learn from people who are several years ahead of her in building their online businesses. She takes their classes, listens to their interviews, and reads what they've written. That has led her to make many of the great decisions she's been able to make in her business.

3. Competence leads to confidence. As Jennifer's education and experience have grown, she is becoming more competent and confident at the same time. She can speak with authority about online business and social media marketing because she has been learning in the trenches for years, and she's succeeding at a high level.


The full 60-minute video of my conversation with Jennifer is available inside our Members Club area. If you aren't already a member of Platform Launchers, you can use our 14-day trial to view the video (and all our other videos) for free instantly.

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