A super simple way to outline a book chapter

books content creation writing Feb 02, 2023

Earlier today, I was having a conversation with the Platform Launchers Members' Club about writing books.  Several of our members are in the process of doing so, and one asked the question, "Can you recommend a practical way to outline a book chapter for a non-fiction book?"

I have taught about this in the past, and another member had the notes handy, so she shared them with the group.  This caused me to realize that I haven't yet shared this information on the blog, so here it is.

If you're interested in writing a book, and you'd like to use a simple outline that I find helpful when I'm writing my books, consider this option...

1.  Chapter Title (or Step if this is a process) 

2.  Share a personal story related to you learning the main concept of this chapter or a story that talks about when you realized this concept was important.

3.  Explain the problem.

4.  Explain why it needs to be solved.

5.  Explain the process of solving it.

6.  Share a quote or a supporting story from another source (not something from your life since you did that in the introductory paragraphs)

7.  Give the reader a "pep-talk" that helps them believe they can succeed at solving the problem.

8.  Suggest a "call-to-action" or various tasks that the reader could or should take after reading this chapter.

9.  Bonus:  Offer a few reflective questions or discussion points for the reader to ponder after reading this chapter.

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