There has never been a better time to Launch, Grow, and Develop an Online Platform!

If you're a podcaster, writer, blogger, YouTuber, or social media user, you've got a message that you're passionate about sharing.  What if you were able to do that full-time and reach more people than ever before?

Platform Launchers is a supportive and interactive coaching community that will help you develop your online platform, share your message in new ways, build a strong relationship with a loyal audience, and earn a full or part-time income from the content you're creating. 

Our approach is systematic, community-based, and will help you get results.

Let's work together!

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Learn from seasoned author, podcaster, and coach, John Stange.

John Stange is the founder of Platform Launchers.  He has been writing and podcasting for years.  His shows have been downloaded millions of times, his blog typically ranks #1 in Google searches, and his latest book was published by Penguin Random House, the largest publisher in the United States.

John has been serving in pastoral ministry for 25 years.  He started building his platform somewhat accidentally by sharing the content of his sermons in self-published books, blogs, and podcasts.  His online platform has grown far beyond his expectations and now his aim is to help others succeed as well.  Let him show you how you can share the message you're passionate about, build an online audience, and earn a full or part-time income in the process.

There is Strength in Community

When you become a Platform Launcher, you're not only gaining access to training with John, you're also becoming connected to a community of people who value what you do and want to help you expand your influence.

If you're tired of feeling like you're working by yourself, and you'd like to connect with some truly great people who "speak your language," you're going to love being part of our Members Club.

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This year, we are committed to helping 100 new people launch, grow, and monetize their online platforms.  We are 93% of the way toward that goal!

Information, Inspiration, and Accountability. 
Why it takes all three to succeed.

In this brief video, John shares why information, inspiration, and accountability are all key aspects of how Platform Launchers is helping our members succeed.

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John Stange's newest book offers the reader his proven formula to share your message, expand your audience, and earn your income online.

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