New Member Orientation


If you're considering joining the Platform Launchers Members' Club, or you just joined, WELCOME ABOARD!  We're so grateful you're here!

We have prepared this brief orientation to help you get acclimated to the group and get the most benefit out of your membership.  Our goal is to help you successfully develop, grow, and monetize your online platform.  The tools you need to do that are right here at your fingertips!


Launch Plan Course

The best place to start when you first join Platform Launchers is "The Launch Plan Course".  This seven-video series (with printable worksheets) will help you build your platform right.  It includes all the foundational topics related to platform development and presents them in an easy-to-follow system.

Our suggestion would be to watch the videos in order and don't worry about whether or not you retain all the information the first time you view them.  You can always watch them again and revisit each video as you develop various aspects of your platform.


Tuesday Night Community Calls

Each Tuesday evening, we host a Community Call on Zoom.  The link to join the call is posted on the "Community Connection Forum" page.  We hope you'll join us for these calls as often as you can.  We have found that members who make a regular habit of joining the live calls have a much greater track record of success, and they typically get more done in less time.

Our schedule for the call looks like this... (all times are Eastern Standard Time)

  • 7:45pm - Early bird questions and conversation (optional)
  • 8:00pm - Call begins.  We share our wins for the week and also let the group know what we're working on next.
  • 8:20pm - Training / Platform Launchers Podcast.  The podcast is recorded live in front of the group.  Its content forms the basis for our Members-Only Q&A that follows immediately afterward.
  • 8:50pm - Members-Only Q&A begins.  We start with discussing that evening's topic, then branch off into general Q&A as time allows.
  • 9:30pm - Call ends


Community Connection Forum and Facebook Group

On the Platform Launchers website, we host a discussion forum.  There are also important links in the sidebar of this forum that give you access to various member benefits and other useful information.

We also host a private Facebook Group.  Because the majority of our members are on Facebook, this group tends to get a lot of use.  The link to join it is in the sidebar on the Community Connection Forum page.


Monthly Challenges

Each month, John suggests a Monthly Challenge that is geared toward helping you with some aspect of platform development.  This is a fun way to get something productive accomplished or learn a new skill.  It's also nice to know that other members of the group are working on the same task at the same time.  Everyone who completes the challenge gets their name added to the "Monthy Challenge Hall of Fame."


Training Vault

Your membership gives you access to our Training Vault of videos.  This is a vast and growing library of content that includes; 

  • The Launch Plan Course
  • Guest Expert Interviews
  • Community Calls and Members-Only Q&A Videos
  • Office Hour Discussions

You will find a lot of information and inspiration in these videos, but the library of content is so vast at this point that we don't expect you to watch every single video.  These videos are always available to you to use at your convenience.


Monthly Office Hour

Each month, on the first Thursday of the month at 2:00pm (EST), John hosts an "Office Hour."  This hour is an informal get-together where we discuss whatever you need.  If you're working on an idea that you want to run by the group, this is a great place to give it a "test drive."  If you're struggling with some aspect of platform development or if you're having tech-issues, this is also a great context to ask those questions.


Kajabi App

The Platform Launchers website and membership community are built with Kajabi.  If you download the Kajabi app to your smartphone, you'll be able to login with your Platform Launchers credentials and use all the content from the website on the go.  The app also allows you to watch OR listen to the video content on the website.  That means you can consume training content like it's a podcast if you want to be in listen-only mode when you're driving or taking a walk.


Affiliate Program

On the sidebar of the Community Connection Forum, you will find a link to sign up for the Platform Launchers Affiliate Program.  We use nearly all of our monthly marketing budget to pay our members for referrals (instead of paying for outside advertising).  Affiliates receive a 20% monthly commission for referrals, and that lasts as long as the people you refer remain members.  The members you refer to Platform Launchers receive a nice gift as well.  Instead of a 14-day free trial period, we double their free trial to 30 days if they join through your affiliate link.


We hope this is helpful to you, and we're so glad you're part of our Members' Club!  We look forward to seeing everything you build in the coming weeks and months as you apply this training to your platform!

John Stange


To-Do List

1. Watch the Launch Plan Course

2. Join the Tuesday Night Call

3. Join our Facebook Group

4. Attempt this month's Monthly Challenge

5. Come to our next Office Hour

6. Download the Kajabi App and log in with your Platform Launchers credentials

7. Sign up for our Affiliate Program and earn money by making referrals