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The Platform Launchers Members' Club is stacked with some pretty awesome people who are creating great content and serving a wide audience.  If you're thinking about becoming a member, please take a moment to learn more about their experience in our online coaching community, and please be sure to visit their websites as well!

David Steininger

"John does what he does with integrity, without compromising his faith or family, and he invites others along for the ride.

John heavily influenced me to develop my YouTube channel and push ahead with the things I've been developing."


Sarah Graham

"John has become one of the biggest role models in my life, both from a spiritual and personal growth standpoint over the last six years.  When I learned of Platform Launchers, I knew there wasn’t a better person to educate me on creating an online presence.

When you become a community member in Platform Launchers, you become accountable for professional growth. The experience I receive weekly with the community video conferencing is invaluable.

The many ways you can be connected to community members, and John, is abundant, from weekly conference calls, a monthly office hour, the Members' Club, and even a Facebook page.

If you’re looking for a way to create, build, and eventually monetize online content, look no further than Platform Launchers.


Zenna Donna Reeks

"I have been a member of Platform Launchers for a couple of months and in that time it has made a big impact on me.

I have always wanted to build a faith-based platform, but I didn't know how. The courses I completed through Platform Launchers helped me to take small, easy steps to achieve my goals. I have really enjoyed being apart of it. 

John is a mature, engaged leader and is very welcoming and inclusive to everyone.  

I would highly recommend Platform Launchers to anyone!"


Rich Avery

I’ve been “trying” to build a message-based online platform for years with limited success. It wasn’t until I became a member of Platform Launchers that I discovered what I have been missing all along: A community of like-minded people all working together to launch and grow our online businesses.

The comprehensive training vault library, monthly challenges, weekly training calls hosted by John Stange, and collaboration with other members inside the Platform Launchers community, have given me the step-by-step guidance, support, and accountability I’ve needed to grow my online business.


MJ James

"Joining Platform Launchers has helped elevate my online platform to a place I never thought possible. I had launched an online business before, and learned a lot about what not to do. Platform Launchers has taught me exactly what TO DO! The foundation is explained and easy to follow in actionable steps. The community support ensures that I have valuable feedback before taking big steps. I’m able to save time as I’ve learned ways to be more efficient while delivering infinite value to my clients. My business would not be where it is if I had not found Platform Launchers. It was hands down the best investment I have made for my business."


Greg Gerber

"Platform Launchers is an excellent way for content creators to move from a simple concept for a business to a thriving platform in much less time. Not only can creators learn from John Stange’s many years of successful platform development, but the membership community is invaluable for sharing ideas and receiving feedback as platforms are being developed. I struggled to get my Forward From 50 platform off the ground for almost a year. After joining Platform Launchers, it has been consistently gaining visitors and subscribers for months. It’s the best investment I made this year."


Harvey Ramer

"I joined Platform Launchers because I needed the inspiration to reawaken my creativity and entrepreneurial drive. I am happy to say it delivered the value for which I hoped! The community is open, welcoming, and encouraging, and I count its members as my friends. John's contagious positivity, encouragement, and practical wisdom regarding platform building make him a person every creative entrepreneur should get to know. I hope to see you inside."


Jeremy Lewis

"Platform Launchers has taken my general longing for building a business and given me easy-to-follow steps to achieve a successful and profitable business.

John leads AWESOME weekly calls on various platform development topics, and he allows us to really dive deep into what it means to run an online platform. He has changed my life more than I can ever express."


Jennifer Harshman

"Because most people are W2 employees and have an employee mindset, it can be lonely being an entrepreneur and creator. With so much conflicting information out there, it can be difficult to know who's telling you the truth, who has actually done the thing they're talking about. I knew John Stange long before he created Platform Launchers. It was clear that with dozens of books written and millions of podcast downloads, he has been living it for years. The moment he started talking about wanting to create something to help people launch their platforms and succeed in less time than it took him, I said I was in. He said he didn't know what he'd build yet, or how much he'd charge for it, and I said I didn't care. Whatever he did would be fabulous and worth it, and I knew that because I'd heard his podcasts and edited some of his books. I told him he is an excellent person to learn from about how to build or improve a platform, and I was in.

Platform Launchers has just the right blend of information, inspiration, and accountability. It sparks fun competition with who you were yesterday and cooperation with other members. The monthly challenges are all things we should be doing anyway toward building our platforms, but might not be doing without John's guidance. Here are just a few of the things Platform Launchers has helped me do. Since joining, I've designed a logo and put it on a product, created pages of affiliate links on my website, made a lead magnet (and a list of 80 more), emailed my list weekly, and I've written 47 blog posts and an entire book. I credit Platform Launchers in large part for the fact that I wrote and published my book Your Book Bakery: Making it easy to write a book in a matter of weeks—and finished it early.

If you want to make a bigger difference than you can right now, join Platform Launchers, and tell John that Jennifer sent you."


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