Let us show you how you can build, grow, and monetize your online platform.

The Launch Plan Course


Our Signature Course

The Launch Plan Course is our Signature Course.  In these classes, you will learn how to build, grow, and monetize your online platform.  This is the blueprint for your message-based business to thrive.

Over the course of seven classes, you will learn...

  • The 5 D's of Launching a Successful Online Platform
  • Creating your Website and Blog
  • Building, Growing, and Monetizing your Podcast
  • Writing, Publishing, and Marketing your First (or next) Book
  • Email Marketing and List Building
  • Creating a Content Waterfall
  • Developing Multiple Streams of Income from your Platform

Publishing Ph.D.

From Honorée Corder, the founder of Indie Author University and the Amazon featured author of You Must Write a Book (and more than 50 other books) with more than four million copies sold and three million words written, comes Publishing Ph.D.!

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Build Your Online Course

There is A LOT to learn about building an online course. Don't be intimidated, everything is here, simplified, and ready for you to learn. Build your curriculum, navigate course admin, and simplify the technology with Thinkific Expert, Lucas Marino.

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Build a Six-Figure Mastermind

Learn everything you need to know to host a 6- or even 7-figure mastermind from Empire Builders Mastermind Host, Honorée Corder.

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Let John Stange teach you how to build, grow, and monetize your online platform.  John's podcasts have been downloaded millions of times, his blog regularly ranks #1 in Google searches, and his books can be found in all major bookstores.  John founded Platform Launchers to help message-based entrepreneurs like you learn the skills necessary to develop a thriving online platform.